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The year was 2185 and a renegade planet was threatening the galaxy! Sovereign has been defeated; Saren was dead. Who is this new threat? With Shepard gone, the Normandy destroyed, who will step up to save the galaxy?

Ferris Fields was one of the most successful human colonies in the Terminus Systems. Free of the Systems Alliance, they govern themselves and made the controversial decision to open an intergalactic spaceport to foster free trade. The local humanist group, who valued human civilization, culture, and values, were against the spaceport opening and the influx of alien immigrants. Dissent began to brew, threatening civil war. The Systems Alliance sent Captain Stark to help settle the dispute.

This is Mass Effect: LEGACY.

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NRPG: And both ladies rather scaly. One poisonous, and the other
hallucinogen. :D What a mix!


“I was thinking a medium
team outside this secondary entry could keep the guards’ attention, keeping the
illusion that they are pinned down by their fire. Now once you have Stark, we
can push forward and open the way out.”
 He brought up the layout on his omni-tool and nodded at her suggestion.
“Sounds, good, but don’t throw yourself too much into the line of fire.
Zira, Athir and I will drop in a click south of the base and start picking off
perimeter defenses. That should distract them enough for you and your team to
move in and keep them busy. Now, I’m not really a close-combat specialist, so I
appreciate the support. We have our cloaks, so don’t put yourself in a
situation you don’t need to.”

Athir looked over the human’s
shoulder, studying the layout of the base displayed on his omni-tool. There
looked to be dozens of rooms and a maze of corridors. “That’s going to be as
easy as finding the camel in the haystack” she quipped, hoping she got the
phrasing right.

“Needle in a haystack….,” Jeice couldn’t help but correcting
her. “But that’s good. I’d hate to try my luck at Drell idioms. God knows
I’d fail horribly…”

“As long as we keep the element of surprise on our side,” Zira muttered and
shortly looked at Jeice. “Maybe it would be wise to have a doctor around, Stark
might be in need of medical assistance. Simmons surely will, if I can get a
hold of him.”

“We all want a piece of
Simmons, but let’s keep him alive enough to get some Intel out of him.”

“You promised. I’ll try to
leave him alive long enough for interrogation,” she grumbled. “Let’s get going,
the sooner we start, the better.”
“Simmons also tricked me and had me shot at. Just get him outside so we
can enjoy him together.” said the Asari with a cruel smile. Then she
turned serious again. “You might have cloak, but you will lose that
advantage once you are carrying Stark and Simmons. Just call once you are
getting out and we will charge in and meet at some middle point.”

It seemed everyone wanted a
piece of this Simmons. “I don’t care one way or the other” Athir added. “Just
tell me who to kill and it will be done.” 

 “Now that’s an
attitude I like,” Jeice said with a wry grin as Thalassa left. He turned
to face Zira and Athir and took another drag from his smoldering cigarette.
“Well, that was a splendid conversation on tactics. We still have some
time, of course, to figure this all out before we make a final plan.”

“Go with the flow,” Zira muttered and then shook
her head at the retreating Asari. “Commandos…”

< >

 “Well, armoring up
and discussing all of this sounds like the best option. Kinda sucks that we’re
responsible for the big part of this plan, but hey, the creds are right,

“Sucks?” Zira
chuckled. “Honestly, that’s the best that could’ve happened to you, don’t you
think? You can rub it into Stark’s face every time he pisses you off. Besides,
I can think of a few things worse than a man in his position owing you one.”

< >

“But the credits are a good motivation, I’ll give you
that,” the turian said. “So, what’s your motivation to stick around?” Zira
asked and looked at Athir.

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