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The year was 2185 and a renegade planet was threatening the galaxy! Sovereign has been defeated; Saren was dead. Who is this new threat? With Shepard gone, the Normandy destroyed, who will step up to save the galaxy?

Ferris Fields was one of the most successful human colonies in the Terminus Systems. Free of the Systems Alliance, they govern themselves and made the controversial decision to open an intergalactic spaceport to foster free trade. The local humanist group, who valued human civilization, culture, and values, were against the spaceport opening and the influx of alien immigrants. Dissent began to brew, threatening civil war. The Systems Alliance sent Captain Stark to help settle the dispute.

This is Mass Effect: LEGACY.

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Cerberus Shuttle – NPC Kiyoshi – “Grilled Leaks”

NRPG: This post takes place later in the 2nd day… 

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“I was told that you can help me kill an Asari Commando,” Kiyoshi sat across from Jolin in the Cerberus Shuttle, parked in the poor quality part of the Ferris Fields colony. It was inside a derelict spacecraft, which many of Ferris Fields poorer residents found a place to squat.

Kiyoshi got clearance for his mission so long as the primary objective – the death of Jeice Sandros – was met. For some reason, Sandros was a high value target for the Cerberus Organization. He was not certain why; nor did he care. So long as his primary objective – killing the blue bitch that murdered his sister – was met. Blood for blood. The first thing he had to admit to himself was that if his sister was not capable of killing this particular Asari Commando, neither was he. He needed help from someone with experience in killing the powerful Asari.

After leaving Cerberus Station Two, the nearest relay took him to this system’s relay. From there, he flew under the colony’s radar by breaking atmosphere on the opposite side of the planet then made his way around the globe to the colony itself. His presence easily went unnoticed as most of the Alliance, and their advanced sensors, have departed the planet. He was continuously fed intelligence from the Cerberus network about Ferris Fields, the Alliance, and other major organizations that exist on this planet. He got a lay of the land as well as the situation at hand.

< < Jolin >>

“Intelligence reports show that the Alliance believes that the Blue Suns have captured Captain Stark,” Kiyoshi said, pointing at a field communique on the shuttle’s onboard computer. “If we were to reveal the location of the Blue Suns compound to the Alliance, they will send Sandros and Thalassa on a search and rescue mission. They will be forced to expose themselves, which will give us the opportunity to strike.”

< < Jolin >>

“No, I do not, but I know of a man that does,” Kiyoshi switched to another screen with a screenshot of security camera footage from the Ferris Fields Hospital. “Lieutenant Lopez is one of the top Blue Suns officers on the planet; the fucker managed to escape the hospital after being attacked by Alliance Infiltrators and Cerberus Death Squads. According to this, he frequents an Asari Brothel in the outskirts; all the whores have been evicted and will soon be boarding a transport to Omega. They will be having one final closing sale before the brothel closes and the colony turns it into a Starbucks. I am willing to gamble that he will be there for one final rump.”

< < Jolin >>

“That is what I am thinking,” Kiyoshi grinned.

The Cerberus Phantom wrapped a large, grey cloak around his Nightmare Armor and stepped out of the shuttle alongside Jolin. They found a taxi that took them to the regal Asari Brothel on the colony’s outskirts, called the Asari Twister. The building was shaped like a pyramid and the front entrance had a bright blue neon sign the shape of a nude Asari woman, her feminine features were prominent and lit up the evening sky. On the side, there was a hastily written sign “Closing sale, buy one get the 2nd and 3rd 50% off! Being evicted by local government due to racial tensions caused by fear and loathing from humans. Yet, humans are still welcome here!” Of course, just because Kiyoshi stopped to read it doesn’t mean anyone else will. 

< < Jolin >>

After paying the 50 credit each entrance fee, Kiyoshi gazed around the massive interior of the club. Many semi-nude/nude Asari women were dancing on pedestals around the place while deafening music played. The place was packed with people, like sardines, most of whom were human. Kiyoshi frowned; Lieutenant Lopez was not likely to be wearing his Blue Suns uniform in here. Not that it mattered; everything in this place was blue. Blue neon lights, blue spotlights, black lights, all over the place. This was going to be more difficult than he had hoped.

< < Jolin >>

“Good idea!” Kiyoshi shouted, not entirely hearing what Jolin had said. Kiyoshi moved away from his parter, fairly certain that Jolin’s suggestion was to split up. He was not worried about the Asari here. The Asari women here would not become whores if life were going good for them. He did not expect to find a single commando in a sea of blue; but he prepared himself by charging his palm disruptor while clasping the hilt of his sword. He pictured himself slicing the heads off each of these blue bitches for killing his sister. But he would only settle for one, and she was not here.

< < Jolin >>

Kiyoshi turned at the sound of Jolin’s voice and spotted the man they were looking for. Lieutenant Lopez was sitting in a booth with an Asari woman on either side of him. Kiyoshi glared Lopez right in the eye and realized that the Blue Suns lieutenant had noticed him as well. Lopez pulled out a weapon while Kiyoshi used his biotic lift power to pull him up into the air. Kiyoshi, knowing that he had to wait a few seconds to gather his strength, activated this Centurian issued rocket boots to fly up into the air.

< < Jolin >>

Not certain what exactly Jolin did, it seemed to have worked as Lopez’s pistol flew out of his hands. As Lopez was falling back to the ground Kiyoshi flew in and grabbed Lopez by the arms and pulled him up into the air. He flew the Blue Suns Lieutenant up to the top of the pyramid, nearly 100 feet in the air.

“Where’s Simmons!” Kiyoshi growled. “Where are you hiding him?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Lopez cried back, generating what seemed to be an Overload ability.

Kiyoshi kenw that Lopez was lying. He was a trained Blue Suns Sentinel with powers of his own. He could handle a little bit of torture. But Kiyoshi had something that Lopez never experienced before; palm disruptors. He activated his palm disruptors which began to heat up… while grasping Lopez’s arms. Lopez screamed in pain as his Overload power discharged in the wrong direction.

“Where is Simmons?” Kiyoshi said again. The disruptors made a noticeable hum as they started to whine. He can smell Lopez’s burnt flesh as it got hotter and hotter. He had to fire soon or risk them exploding.

“At the compound!” Lopez cried. “We have a compound on the planet!” Lopez’s face began to turn red with sweat as his arms, which were being clasped by Kiyoshi’s hands and his powered up palm disruptors. Both of them knew that if Kiyoshi’s disruptors discharged, it will blow Lopez’s arms right off.


“38 degrees west by 12 degrees north, 800 miles north of the parallel,” Lopez blurted out. “Now please, let me go!”

“Very well,” nodded Kiyoshi. He released his grip on Lopez, who fell the hundred or so feet back to the club floor. Lopez’s head hit the bar and splattered blood all over the drinks. Happy hour was definitely over.

< < Jolin >>

Kiyoshi landed at the entrance to the club and walked out the door. He knelt and deactivated his rocket boots then took them off. He rubbed his feet gently as a taxi arrived to pick them up. He turned to Jolin.

“I’m beta testing this for R&D,” he winced. “But they chafe. I believe these boots are not suited for someone of my class. I prefer biotic charge.”

< < Jolin >>

“Sacrificing speed for flight is not a trade I believe appropriate,” he handed the boots to Jolin. “You can use them to fly, if you wish.”

< < Jolin >>

“Yes yes, I have a location,” Kiyoshi nodded. “We have to leak it to the Alliance to draw out our targets. And I need you to help me figure out how to kill the Asari bitch that killed my sister.”

< < Jolin >>

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