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The year was 2185 and a renegade planet was threatening the galaxy! Sovereign has been defeated; Saren was dead. Who is this new threat? With Shepard gone, the Normandy destroyed, who will step up to save the galaxy?

Ferris Fields was one of the most successful human colonies in the Terminus Systems. Free of the Systems Alliance, they govern themselves and made the controversial decision to open an intergalactic spaceport to foster free trade. The local humanist group, who valued human civilization, culture, and values, were against the spaceport opening and the influx of alien immigrants. Dissent began to brew, threatening civil war. The Systems Alliance sent Captain Stark to help settle the dispute.

This is Mass Effect: LEGACY.

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Blue Suns Compound (Underground) – Jadanth (Alpha) – Dropping in

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Jadanth looked at Kaine for a moment. “Only ally below should be Stark. No reports from other teams on descent. Jadanth moved over to the elevator and slid to the side of it.

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“Suggest checking inside with drone first before entry.” The Salarian waited, what was likely for him, several painfully tediously long seconds for Kaine to sort out the drone and the others to position themselves before he opened the door to let the drone examine inside the elevator.

Kaine refused to let himself be hurried by the Salarian’s stare. When his life was at stake he would be as fastidious as he pleased, and while he worked quickly he did take the time to double check the drones’ firewalls and parameters. Nothing worse than having his own drones used against him if it turned out one of their enemies was an accomplished hacker.

“Alles klar”, he reported a minute later. “Elevator’s empty. Would that we always be so lucky.”

With the Elevator secured Jadanth moved to the room and picked up a scorched section of panelling from the room before following  the other two into the elevator, as the doors closed he set it down and jammed it so it presented at least a rudimentary barrier for them to hide behind when the doors opened.

Why did lifts always seem to take so long? And who chose music like that in a security complex. Jadanth kept his thoughts to himself, crouched behind the door and adjusted his shields and prepared to engage his cloak a moment before the doors opened.

Jadanth’s exemple was a sound one to follow and Kaine did so without wasting time. Shields, check. Cloak, check. Gun loaded and incineration blast ready, check. Of course the mercs were presumably not complete idiots and when they figured it out the elevator would become a deadly trap, but the three infiltrators would gain at least a few seconds of complete surprise. Hopefully it’d be enough to tip their hand. Kaine forced himself to take one long, slow, deep breath to calm his frantic heart.

The elevator slid to a close with a slight ‘ping’ that indicated that they’d arrived at the lower level. A moment later the large metal doors slid open almost soundlessly to reveal a large room covered in metallic desks, computers and delicate looking research equipment. At the far end of the room was a set of double doors that were swinging closed but any further analysis of the room was stifled by the sight of four heavily armoured humans in the process of running from those doors to the cover of the desks.

The lead trooper fired a few wild shots from a snub-nosed shotgun as the troopers hit cover and a hail of heavy metal buckshot whined across the gap, splattering across the door and flooding the small lift with a peppering of shrapnel.

There was barely time to react, let alone think. Kaine’s shield registered multiple impacts even as he ducked and rolled out of the elevator to the closest available cover, a metallic desk. By the time he made it his shield was in the red, enough so that Kaine felt the system overheating. Droplets of sweat beaded on his face as he risked the barest look over the edge of the desk and ducked again just in time to keep his head in working order. Two slugs slammed in the desk, making sizable dents in it.

Kaine belatedly remembered that he had two drones with him that could advantageously distract the four mercs. He started typing frantically on his omni-tool and the two machines zoomed on each side of the room, firing as they did so. At the same time Kaine crawled to the left, threw a plasma round in the general direction of the mercs, and dove back under cover. A satisfying explosion followed with a even more satisfying howl of pain.

His shields were beginning to crawl back up but much too slowly for Kaine’s taste. To make things even better one of his drones was shortly shot down, either a lucky shot or there was a skilled marksman on the other side. The one remaining drone gave Kaine a visual of what was going on ; one of the four mercs looked like he had been badly burnt by the plasma round though he wasn’t out of the action just yet, and one of his companions was busy hastily applying some medigel on the most serious burns. The other two kept firing in the general direction of the elevator.

Jadanth had waited in the elevator, holding himself as flat to the floor as he could as explosions and shrapnel from the weapons fire blasted chunks out of the walls and control systems of the lift. It would need more than a little TLC to get it going again, but there were more pressing matters right now.

When the fire switched to track Kaine across the room he had relaxed, even more so when the shooting became even wilder as Kaines drones swooped out and the mercs started shouting at each other and shooting at them as well.

There was a tingle of static in the air around Jadanth as his cloak engaged, he ensured his rifle was secure on his back before pressing his fingers tight into his palms, curling his toes in a similar way. Then, quickly, lifted himself up onto his feet and reached around the side of the elevator, pulling himself up and onto the wall with his palms splayed out flat. If anyone could see him, or was paying enough attention to catch the edge of the blur of his cloak it would be a strange sight as he spiderclimbed up the wall and onto the ceiling, the panels on the room didn’t look strong enough to hold his weight, but the long tubing of a ventilation duct worked just fine and in no time at all the Salarian had crawled along the length of it to be above one of the mercenaries at the back of the room.

Jadanths cloak gave out just as he started to fall and so the ‘merc just had time to look up to see the twisting form of a tall slender figure falling from directly above with a glowing orange omni-blade aimed right for his head.

The shields didn’t slow it, the merc barely had time to scream in surprise before Jadanth had sunk two feet of shimmering blade up to his  wrist into the humans face, skewering it into his head straight through his nose.

The merc across from him snarled and turned, too late to save his colleague. The assault rifle spat out a long wild burst that blew away consoles, chunks of wall and dented the armour of his now-dead comrade as Jadanth hid behind the body, his shields flaring briefly as one shot from the rifle blew through the dead mercs corpse and into his own defences.

“One disabled. One active. Two unknown.” he reported in his brief clipped tone as he waited for the nearby merc to finish firing.

Kaine, Jeice : …


Salarian Infiltrator

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